Fast Track the Cure

Empowering TB-affected communities to demand for improved DR-TB regimens

Recent groundbreaking advancements in science have paved the way for simpler, safer, and faster cures for drug-resistant Tuberculosis (DR-TB). These revolutionary six-month treatment regimens – BPaL (bedaquiline, Pretomanid and Linezolid) & BPaLM (bedaquiline, pretomanid, linezolid and moxifloxacin) – slash the duration of therapy by over a year and reduce the required pill count by an astounding 95%. Regrettably, a significant number of DR-TB patients across the globe still face barriers in accessing these life-changing treatments.

In alignment with the World Health Organization's Call to Action to expedite the availability of shorter DR-TB cures for all individuals, the Fast Track the Cure movement unites communities worldwide. Together, we amplify our voices, urging global leaders to embrace and ensure widespread accessibility to these six-month DR-TB cures. Our mission is clear:

Breaking Barriers: We work tirelessly to dismantle obstacles preventing individuals from accessing essential TB services while championing human rights. Our aim is to raise awareness about the tremendous benefits of the new and highly effective DR-TB treatments.

Empowering Communities: We empower TB-affected communities and civil society by actively engaging in both national and international dialogues. By amplifying their demands for improved DR-TB regimens, we strengthen their voices.

Sharing Stories, Saving Lives: Through the power of storytelling, we share the experiences of those affected by DR-TB. We foster connections, create opportunities for support, and, ultimately, contribute to saving lives.

Developed a community friendly brochure to help communities understand BPaL & BPaLM

Developed a 2-day training manual to provide the community with treatment literacy and advocacy skills to generate demand for BPaL and BPaLM.