Investment Cases


Develop TB community voices towards accountability on TB targets, human rights and TB, and on- addressing social determinants of poor TB outcomes:

Galvanize access for TB preventive therapy and all-oral regimens

Using the power of data and community voices, to bring governments and regional TB communities to the table on TPT and all- oral regimens.

Rights-based approaches in TB

Articulate and advocate for culturally appropriate, scalable models of rights based, people centered care in 10 countries.

Holding govts accountable through community-led monitoring

Piloting integration of community-led monitoring data into national indicators in- 10 countries across the globe.

Support legal redress mechanisms for TB

Formal working group with 25 lawyers to establish legal support mechanisms in 10 countries. This will occur in stages, beginning with sensitization on human rights violations in TB, a mapping of applicable domestic laws, and potential avenues of redress for TB communities.

Creating a knowledge hub of community experiences

Conducting quarterly global and regional exchange meetings to gather stories of resilience, successes, best practices, and qualitative data that can inform policy, mobilize communities, and build on the power of numbers. These would create a global push towards national changes through informed and engaged communities across regions.

Spur dialogue on social protection for TB communities

Develop advocacy materials for social protection in multiple languages, mapping social protection mechanisms, and facilitation of bilateral and multilateral discussions based on these materials between governments and communities.

Train and engage 100 TB Activists

Through capacity building of TB communities globally on TB literacy, building of coalitions, and advocacy collaborations on TPT, all-oral regimens, rights-based approaches, health systems, and social protection – and empowering communities to hold governments accountable. We would also establish and mobilize GCTA Youth to create sustainable and powerful future TB community leadership.

Proactive advocacy on TB policy change

The global health world is fast-changing and dynamic – requiring GCTA to be agile and to think quickly to ensure that these changes support rights-based approaches for TB communities. Sustainable funding means that as and when changes arise, GCTA can act quickly and respond so that TB communities are informed and prepared.