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Season’s Greetings

As we bid farewell to 2023, the GCTA would like to take a moment to thank our partners and members for their continued dedication and support in the fight against TB. Despite challenges, we have remained committed to ensuring that TB-affected communities across the globe are empowered and supported to push for a people-centered, rights-based response at all levels.

Let's step into 2024 with renewed vigor, determined to make even greater strides toward a TB-free world. Together, we are the driving force that propels us closer to the day when TB is nothing more than a distant memory.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with continued advocacy!

GCTA's Year in Focus: 2023 Highlights

"I take immense pride in the remarkable accomplishments of GCTA and our profound global impact over the past year. We innovated for the implementation of the latest WHO recommendations. I commend the GCTA secretariat who have actively engaged and empowered the TB community to champion a rights-based, people-centered TB response." - Bertrand Kampoer, GCTA Board Chair

Paving the Way for Change with Advocacy on BPaL | BPaLM

TB Survivors Chart the Path to Change

Conducted a 2-day workshop on BPaL | BPaLM for 6 TB survivors from 5 high-burden DR-TB states

Empowering Communities with Knowledge

Developed a comprehensive 2-day training manual and a community brochure to empower communities

Breaking Barriers Through Advocacy Videos

Mobilized TB advocates and survivors to create compelling BPaL | BPaLM advocacy videos

Open Letters to Prime Minister - A Unified Call to Action

On March 21, GCTA penned an open letter that was signed by over 600 affected community and civil society members, urging the Indian Prime Minister to rollout the shorter, safer, and more efficacious BPaL | BPaLM regimen. The momentum continued with a follow-up letter on July 31, endorsed by civil society organizations, ensuring our message echoed through the corridors of power.

Community Capacity Building for Effective Engagement towards Ending TB in South-East Asia

Held in Nepal, this 3-day workshop aimed to develop community members' capacity in key areas such as participating in country TB program reviews and contributing to the development of National Strategic Plans. This collaborative approach not only ensures evidence-based policies but also fosters a sense of ownership among communities, making them indispensable partners in the comprehensive strategy to combat TB.

Breaking Stigma, Building Bridges

GCTA remains dedicated to dismantling barriers, fostering understanding, and advancing impactful initiatives in the fight against TB by encompassing crucial elements like stigma reduction and community empowerment.

India's First TB Stigma Training Manual

GCTA, alongside KHPT, joined hands with NTEP and USAID to develop and launch India's first Stigma Training Manual

Empowering Frontline Warriors

2-day pilot workshop that engaged 40 community structure representatives and 42 frontline healthcare workers to great success

Empowering the TB Community

Tuberculosis & Stigma brochure fosters awareness, dispels misconceptions, and promotes inclusivity for people affected by TB

GCTA's Intervention at the UN Multistakeholder Hearing on TB

“The world has failed the people affected by TB and the present situation is unacceptable. With over 4000 precious lives lost each day from TB that is curable. We failed in our commitments made in 2018 UNHLM… Today you who hear us, as we bring the voices and represent millions affected by TB from across the globe, you have the power to change this. We urge you to ACT now! The UNHLM commitments made must be honoured, upheld and implementation held accountable. ACT now so that if ever there is another UNHLM on TB it will be to celebrate progress and lives saved!”

Introducing TPT4India: A Beacon of Collaboration

Formed TPT4India, a cross-disease network to accelerate the uptake of short-course TPT. With TB champions, influential leaders from at-risk groups, and dedicated TPT implementers as members, this diverse group has been working towards an India where TB prevention is a shared and achievable goal. We are thrilled that the NTEP put an order for 3HP recently and to continue working with this dynamic group in the new year.

GCTA's Impactful Presence at the UN High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB

From emphasizing the crucial role of community engagement in the deployment of innovative TB tools to shedding light on the harsh realities of TB medication scarcity in India, Blessina Kumar painted a compelling picture of the challenges and opportunities in the global TB landscape at the UNHLM side events.

In a powerful statement at the TB UNHLM on September 22nd, Blessina Kumar encapsulated the broader vision for TB eradication. "We have the tools to kill the bacteria, but what we need is the will to address stigma, inequality, malnutrition, poverty, and inequitable access. No one should be left behind!"

Global Coalition of TB Advocates at the Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023

As the track lead for Community, Rights & Gender at Community Connect for the third consecutive year, GCTA showcased its commitment to amplifying community voices at The Union World Conference 2023.

We organized 3 Community Connect sessions, and participated in 9 Plenary, Satellite, and Community Connect sessions. In each session, GCTA stood as a formidable advocate for community-centric approaches, consistently emphasizing that scientific progress and policy decisions must be shaped by the lived experiences and needs of those directly affected by TB.

Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) for Adopting Short-Course TPT

GCTA's commitment to transforming TB care led to an insightful CLM initiative at two sites in South Delhi, uncovering crucial insights into challenges faced by children and household contacts (HHC) in adopting short-course TPT. We will be publishing our findings soon.