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THE JOURNEY CONTINUES… Collective Learnings and Challenges of Communities Working on TB Stigma, Discrimination, and Human Rights

In the past few years addressing Stigma and discrimination and discussions around upholding the rights of people affected by tuberculosis has gained momentum. Communities and civil society organisations have received funding and implemented activities for addressing stigma and discrimination at the ground level. We know from experience and stories of TB journeys that stigma and discrimination is a huge barrier to access throughout the cascade of care.

The Global coalition of TB Activists has successfully brought the issue of stigma and discrimination to the top levels advocating for attention and resources to end TB Stigma. Working with partners it was a huge success to see addressing stigma and discrimination and removing human rights barriers in TB become one of the top 10 recommendations of the UN Secretary General’s report 2020.

It was important to facilitate a south-to-south learning and cross-regional experience sharing in relation to human rights and stigma in TB response among regional TB networks. The documenting of best practices employed by global south organizations and activists is an important piece to bring often overlooked local and indigenous knowledge on how to develop community-responsive, actionable advocacy interventions into the global TB discourse.

GCTA along with regional partners Socios en Salud and Foundacion Fernando Iturbide Gautemala, in Latin America and the Caribbean, TBEC in Eastern Europe in Central Asia, Africa Coalition on TB (ACT) in Africa and ACT AP! And APCASO in Asia Pacific and National partner Touched by TB in India shared learnings at one national, 4 regional and two global consultations.

The information and learnings from these discussions and consultations have been analysed and compiled in ‘THE JOURNEY CONTINUES…Collective learnings and challenges of communities working on TB stigma, discrimination and Human Rights’ report. The main of aim of this exercise, conducted with support from Global Fund CRG-SI, is to inform global advocacy and to draw the attention of donors and government stakeholders and propel us towards our common goal of ending TB!