Results of the GCTA Election

January 26, 2017


Results of the GCTA Election

Dear Colleagues,

We are extremely happy to announce the results of the historic GCTA election. Below is the list of GCTA Board members from each of our regions:

Africa – Ntombi Maphosa
Americas – Kathy Eridania Brito De Guzman
Asia-Pacific – Mercy Annapoorni
Europe – Timur Abdullaev

We would like to congratulate the winners and are happy to welcome them to the GCTA family.

The election process:
• The announcement of our Call for Membership was made on the 17th of November. We reached out to our global partners and networks to ensure that the GCTA would have representation from all regions.
• Call for Nominations from within the membership was sent out on the 16th of December.
• The final list of nominees from each of regions was shared, and voting commenced on the 12th of January.
• To ensure complete transparency, the GCTA Secretariat handed over the voting forms to Treatment Action Group (TAG). TAG was entrusted with the management of voting forms and tabulating the results of the election.

Over the entire course of the election, our members were informed of due process and protocol through timely notifications and alerts. Building a global platform that is truly community-oriented requires complete transparency and accountability to its membership and we have tried our best to ensure this. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the crucial role you have played in this process. As the GCTA continues to grow and evolve to be a sustainable and representative global platform, the support provided by our members, partners and colleagues will be the foundation of our progress.

We look forward to working together to end TB!

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